bob gowOpened in 1980 as Forget Me Nots Organic Flower and Vegetable Farm, the love of cut flowers, dwarf conifers, native plants, fragrant shrubs attracting butterflies and birds, the texture and breezy movements of grasses, and the winter architecture and bark of deciduous trees naturally led to the creation of a nursery and landscape design and installation. We, locally, innovated the organic, sustainable landscape. For 27 years we have been building divine, nutrient rich well drained soils while dressing the curves with enduring colors and textures. We are horticultural fanatics. We focus on the natural affinities between plants and recreating unique niche environments. Doing so, we create healthy, living art. This same passion floods our stone and boulder work. Strongly influenced by ourBlue Ridge Mountain landscape and by the gardens of mountainous Japan, our stone walls, paths, patios, massive steps, and boulder gardens unite art and function with the dance of joy in our labor. An artisan's integrity is the foundation of our design and construction. We have fun and consider each project a unique gift to you.
jamal gow
Forget Me Nots is Bob Gow, son Jamal Gow, and ever present aging yet buoyant hound dog Blue. We hope to do more than construct. Employing a small crew of dedicated crafts persons, our backgrounds in classical and contemporary horticulture and our deep commitments to the ageless tradition of dry stonework inspire our clients in a common creative process. Each landscape and stonescape project is a unique outgrowth of the immediate and surrounding physical environment and personal interests of the clients and their home.

A free consultation would be a time for us to listen to you and find where our visions merge. The next step is an estimated plan. Our work is fully successful only with your confidence and trust in us. We engage in projects throughout the United States and are certainly willing to expand our horizons.